Work with us at Whitespace✌️

Welcome to a friendly and slightly different digital agency. At Whitespace, we have a diverse group of people working from different locations in Sweden and Europe. For us, remote-first is about more than just choosing where you want to work from. It means that everyone at Whitespace should have the same conditions to thrive and do a good job - no matter where you live.

    At Whitespace we have clients with high expectations of us! It's very stimulating, every working day.

    Linn Nilsson, Lead UX Designer

    3 quick thoughts about life at Whitespace


    There are various ways of being a human being. At Whitespace, we've found an approach that works for the different life puzzles and situations we live in.

    The best of the industry

    Whitespace is up against both large consultancies and high-profile agencies. We are able to do this through years of experience combined with smart, scalable methods that bring out the best in us.

    Kind colleagues

    We work with the best and kindest - wherever they may be located. At Whitespace, you'll be part of a team you can feel proud of.